Shorts: To Be Young, Queer, and Black

67 min

Defying barriers and binaries in community, culture, and family, these films dive deeply into the world of self-made spirits cultivating belonging through the truth of artistic expression. Reaching beyond their neighborhood, societal and family expectations, we are invited to witness the gifted journey of young, queer, and Black voices as innovative, bold, and bravely calling in a future of dynamic equity, expression, and wonder rising from grief to personal and collective triumph.

Playing as part of this program:


Saturday, March 7th

6:15 PM

Regal LA Live 11

Shéár Avory: To Be Continued

Abram Cerda

2019 | 24 min | English

Shéár Avory navigates cultivating independence and balancing life responsibilities after foster care as a trans femme while struggling with their mother’s instability in this tender, warm documentary.


Donta Storey

2019 | 11 min | English

Deshawn walks toward his love of movement in South Los Angeles by pursuing a spot on the drill team. Facing hatred in living joy, he gathers strength from women in his community to walk to his own beat.

Super Zee

Nathalie Younglai

2018 | 7 min | English

When a Sparkle Alert signals that her co-worker and crush needs protection from sexist microaggressions, Super Zee leaps into action to ignite a love story and recenter the force field of equity in her office.

-Ship: A Visual Poem

Terrance Daye

2019 | 13 min | English

Jeremiah explores the edges of expectations of masculinity through grief, anger and connection in the quiet shelter of boyhood after a family tragedy.

Where My Girls

Mads Engel

2019 | 22 min | English

A love letter to the every day work and artistic process of self-made rising talents, three queer women and their community reveal their aspirations and cultural work in New York’s underground hip hop scene.


Carlton Daniel

2019 | 14 min

Junior balances the expectations of working at his father’s father’s funeral home and a night on the town. When grief intrudes into his oldest relationships, he must face the full cycle of life.