Outfest Forward

Outfest Screenwriting Lab

Outfest Forward forges connections between emerging filmmakers and established entertainment industry professionals in Los Angeles through a variety of educational and mentoring programs and panels, along with hosting dozens of receptions and parties throughout the festival for Outfest filmmakers.

Fusion Workshops

Fusion Workshops are the educational component of Fusion, Outfest’s celebration of LGBT People of Color Festival.  Fusion workshops take place at various art spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles and are taught by Outfest alumni filmmakers.  These classes are offered, for free to anyone in the community who wants to make their own film, and those films are then featured in our finale event, the One-Minute Movie Contest.


InFusion, presented by Comcast NBCUniversal, is a symposium led by industry professionals that includes speakers, panels, workshops, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour at Universal Studios, the world’s largest motion picture and television studio. InFusion forges connections between emerging filmmakers who are LGBT people of color — writers, directors and producers — and established entertainment industry professionals in Los Angeles to nurture talent and skills.


OutSet is The Young Filmmakers Project from the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest. In 2016, OutSet celebrated its 5th anniversary of successfully training young LGBTQ and allied filmmakers.  

OutSet will be accepting applications for the 2018 cycle in October. Check back for more information. Outfest and The Los Angeles LGBT Center will use this year to evaluate aspects of the program and look for additional funding.

Screenwriting Lab

Submissions Open for 2018!

Outfest’s Screenwriting Lab began as a screenwriting contest in 1997.  Twenty years later, this program has become a three-day lab where industry professionals mentor the next generation of screenwriters.  After the lab, these writers work with experienced Outfest directors to present their screenplays on stage with a live reading at Outfest Los Angeles.

Marcos Davalos, Nancy Nyman and Heather McNama, Kase Pena, Jack Savige, and Vasanti Saxena have been selected for this year’s program. The Screenwriting Lab is supported by the Chateau Marmont, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Join us for a live reading of scenes from their scripts at Outfest Los Angeles, on Tuesday, July 11 at the Director’s Guild of America.

Our application for the 2018 Lab is open and accepting pilots and web series in addition to screenplays!

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