Yeh Freedom Life

Priya Sen
2019 | 70 min | Hindi w/ English subtitles
Sachi and Parveen respectively navigate the currents and swings of queer love and strive to live freely in a dense and cacophonous neighborhood in New Delhi, India,
Amongst the cacophony and chaos of Ambedkar Nagar, a dense, diverse, and largely working-class district, two queer Indians maneuver love and the complications of their relationships. We are wholly immersed in Sachi’s and Parveen’s world over the course of a year; as the city hosts festivals celebrating outmoded notions of love and a woman’s worth, they persevere to be with the women they love despite cultural and familial pressure to marry men, unrelentingly searching for the freedom to live their lives authentically.
Sunday, March 8th

6:00 PM

Regal LA Live 13

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