Welcome to the USA

Assel Aushakimova
2019 | 95 min | Russian, Kazakh w/ English subtitles
Approved for a Green Card to emigrate to the U.S., Aliya navigates her life in Kazakhstan as an independent, lesbian woman for the last time.
Aliya has just won the lottery: the Green Card Lottery that will enable her to emigrate to the United States. In this wonderfully observed slice-of-life portrait of post-Soviet Kazakhstan, Aliya navigates keeping her aging mother company, an affair with a taken woman, her sister’s unhappiness in a strict Muslim marriage, and the futility of living in a place with little opportunity to build the life you desire — all while trying to find a way to tell them she’s leaving it behind.

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Sunday, March 8th

3:15 PM

Regal LA Live 13

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