Walking with Shadows

Aoife O’Kelly
2019 | 90 min | English
Ebele Njoko, a Nigerian man who has spent his life hiding the truth about himself, must deal with the ripple effects when his secret is revealed.
In Lagos, Nigeria, Ebele Njoko has been running all his life. A search for acceptance and love from his family has led him to recreate himself as Adrian Njoko, respected father, husband, and brother. Suddenly, Adrian’s past and secrets have caught up with him and his world soon begins to crumble as he frantically tries to control the growing ripple effect of a revelation. Adapted from Jude Dibia’s award-winning novel.
Sunday, March 8th

2:30 PM

Regal LA Live 11

Preceded by:

Secrets, dir. Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph