The Prince (El Principe)

Sebastián Muñoz

2019 | 95 min | Spanish w/ English subtitles | Chile

A handsome young convict confronts desire, loyalty and reprisal inside a brutal Chilean prison.
In a Chilean prison in 1970, handsome 20-year-old convict Jaime is thrust into the cutthroat world of cruelty, reprisals, and clandestine arrangements, becoming the protégé of El Potro, a fearsome older inmate whose domination gives way to reciprocity. Adapted from a little-known pulp novel, this gritty, titillating story of sex, longing, and survival in the tradition of Querelle and Kiss of the Spider Woman explores the curious affections that form between men amid the most abysmal of circumstances.
Saturday, March 7th

9:00 PM

Regal LA Live 11