Shorts: The Art of Self Expression

78 min

Lyrical, innovative, and exhilarating, these short films examine queer people from all walks of life discovering their voice, tapping into their creative powers, and embracing their unfiltered truth. Deploying a myriad of mediums and visual elements, this dynamic and eclectic program offers unique cinematic takes on dance, poetry, sculpture, erotica, and music — all filtered through the eyes of queer POC individuals feeling their way through the world. This is an exuberant and vital collection of vanguard voices staking their claim in life and art.

Playing as part of this program:


Sunday, March 8th

8:30 PM

Regal LA Live 13


Andrew R. Blackman

2019 | 7 min | English

A visually dazzling portal into the sumptuous creative mind of artist Gui Taccetti, whose work channels the anxiety of growing up gay in staunchly Catholic Brazil.

Jesse Jams

Trevor Anderson

2020 | 16 min | English

An unfiltered look at the dizzying highs and lows of an Indigenous young rock musician as they bring their cheeky brand of mumblepunk to the Interstellar Rodeo.

Across, Beyond, and Over

Brit Fryer and Noah Schamus

2018 | 11 min | English

Following the lives of two adult trans men who used to date in middle school, this hybrid documentary sees them reconnecting years later to draft a film about their lives.


Marianne Verrone

2019 | 8 min | English

A lesbian couple in a long-distance relationship ponder ideas of proximity, perception, and intimacy in this cosmic reverie.

Self Worship

Asia Brown

2019 | 6 min | English

A boldly feminist and genuinely provocative exploration of one sexual trauma survivor’s journey back to their body through the universal language of dance.

Floss (Xian)

Popo Fan

2019 | 15 min | Mandarin

A kinky fever dream following a young gay man in a committed relationship who struggles to open up to his partner about an unusual erotic fetish involving dental floss.


Kevin Yee

2019 | 3 min | English

Fearful of putting out mediocre content, comedian Kevin Yee battles major writer’s block when attempting to make his sophomore follow up film.

Go Go, Boy!

Oriana Oppice

2019 | 6 min | English

A young queer boy obsessed with television wrestling begins to tap into his feminine powers through the private world of dance.

2 Black Boys

Rachel Myers

2019 | 6 min | English

Spoken word poetry, gentle dance, and songs from the soul all whirl together in this lyrical exploration of aging, blackness, and queer identity.