Lingua Franca

Isabel Sandoval

2019 | 95min | English, Tagalog, Russian w/ English subtitles

An undocumented trans woman navigates a pathway to citizenship, love, and self-worth in New York

Olivia works as a caregiver to an elderly Russian-Jewish woman, while planning a marriage of convenience to obtain a green card and worrying about whether I.C.E. will discover her before that can happen. But when she becomes involved with her employer’s troubled grandson, the line she walks as an undocumented Filipina transwoman begins to unravel. Writer-director-star Isabel Sandoval sensitively tackles these heavily politicized issues from a personal and wholly authentic viewpoint, giving us a heroine imbued with grace, determination, and nuance


Saturday, March 7th

12:00 PM

Regal LA Live 13