Shorts: Latinxcellence

88 min

Witness the vibrant cascade of the queer Latinx spirit in this exciting and rich collection of new short films. Here are tales of resilience in a world of hate, of dignity in the face of oppression, and of love found in unexpected places. These films zero in on specific worlds and characters whose triumphs and struggles resonate and inspire beyond race or gender. Taken together, these Latinx short films speak to the profound transformative powers of a living life authentically.

Playing as part of this program:


Monday, March 9th

9:30 PM

Plaza de la Raza


Francisco Cabrera-Feo

2019 | 7 min | English

A deeply closeted teenage boy finds himself shaken when his older brother’s girlfriend shows up with an out and confident gay male friend.


Javier Molina

2019 |16 min | English

An 11-year-old kid living with a single macho dad in New York privately yearns to dress as up Wonder Woman for Halloween.


Miguel Angel Caballero

2019 | 15 min | Spanish, English

After an elderly gay man in rural Mexico loses his life partner of 15 years, he invites the partner’s estranged son living in the U.S. to visit for the funeral.

La Gloria

Mary Evangelista

2019 | 15 min | English

After a fateful suicide attempt, a queer teenager finds a mystical and profound connection with her Abuela through their mirrored dreams.

True to You

Jacob Charton

2018 | 1 min | English

A brief lyrical work of visual poetry that captures a newly out young gay man as he muses on his internal war with religion and identity.

To Be With You

Elliott Feliciano

2019 | 20 min | English

Upon returning to Los Angeles to collect their father’s ashes, Alex finds an unexpected connection when visiting an unrequited love from the past.

The Night, Unsheltered (Es la noche el desamparo)

Iñaki Velásquez

2019 | 14 min | Spanish

Two gunmen hold up the employees of a drag cabaret in Santiago as one brave woman does everything to avoid violence; starring Daniela Vega.