I Am The Other One

Silvia Godinho
2019 | 85 min | Portuguese, English
Three Brazilian men of trans experience portray their daily struggles and triumphs in a fascinating hybrid of documentary and performance.
Luca Scarpelli, Raul Capistrano, and Thalles Rocha — three Brazilian men of trans experience — invite director Silvia Godinho into their lives for a bold filmmaking experiment. With an enthralling blend of documentary and performance, Godinho’s vibrant, politically-active subjects navigate romantic entanglements, fights with local government bureaucracy, and plans for the future. Godinho allows these men to exist in heightened versions of their realities, and in doing so, crafts a rare and sensitive portrait of their struggle to live authentically.

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Saturday, March 7th

5:30 PM

Regal LA Live 13