Shorts: How do I Say This?

86 min

Amongst tender moments, heartbreaking rejection, and cool SoCal nights, the films in this program ask: How do you tell someone what’s really going on — the complete and unadulterated truth? Whether revealing you want to be more than friends, accepting a diagnosis that will change your life, or admitting that you need help, these films focus on one of the hardest things for a person to do: open up and let themselves be vulnerable.

Playing as part of this program:


Saturday, March 7th

8:00 PM

Regal LA Live 13

Down Dog

Shae Xu

2019 | 9 min | English

When the new guy she’s been seeing shows up in her yoga class, Tammy must reveal her truth in her own way.


Song Huang

2019 | 12 min | Chinese

Yue, recently blind due to illness, uses his phone’s screen reader function to connect with other men on apps; but how close is he willing to let them get?

Before It’s Too Late (Antes que seja tarde)

Leandro Goddinho

2019 | 15 min | Portugese

On the eve of anti-LGBTQ Bolsonaro’s regime, two teenage country music superstars, locked in a hotel room, decide to change the course of their lives

Lily Chan & The Doom Girls

Andrew Thomas Huang

2019 | 5 min | English

In 1960s LA, a repressed Chinese American girl joins a group of impossibly cool misfits who adopt her and challenge her to find her own voice


Andrew J Rodriguez

2019 | 14 min | English

When Zaire’s life is upended by a sudden HIV diagnosis, he carries the burden alone, struggling to tell his closest friends.

Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

Kimi Howl Lee

2019 | 15 min | English

After suffering abuse from her stepfather, Mahina must navigate life on the streets until she eventually finds refuge at the Pu’uhonua o Wai’anae — Hawaiʻi’s largest organized homeless encampment.


Felicia Pride

2019 | 15 min | English

After an unexpected one-night stand, two women at very different stages of their lives, share an even more intimate morning after.