Shorts: Beyond Borders

89 min

Stories centered around first- and second-generation immigrants across multiple continents investigate the tension between fulfilling familial obligations, meeting cultural expectations, and adjusting to a new country, all refracted through the prism of a queer lens. From the threat of deportations to romantic awakenings, through discovering histories to revealing traumas, this program celebrates the beauty and texture of our intersectionality and varied experiences.

Playing as part of this program:


Sunday, March 8th

12:30 PM

Regal LA Live 13


Vonne Patiag

2018 | 10 min | English, Tagalog

A young Filipino boy in Sydney gets an enchanting crash-course in his homeland culture as his uncle helps him find the courage to overcome the bullies at school.


Nicolas Greinacher

2019 | 14 min | Dari, English, Swissgerman

Ayaneh, a young Afghan refugee in Switzerland, must confront her religious family when a new friendship at the swimming pool begins to blossom.


Saleem Haddad

2019 | 22 min | English, Arabic

What was meant to be a night of fun with a newly-arrived Spanish student in London becomes something deeper when Omar discovers that Marco isn’t exactly who he says he is.


Patrick G. Lee

2019 | 17 min | English

Six queer and trans Asian Americans from across the diaspora grapple with their queerness and consider what family acceptance might look like.

The House of Mariana y Gabriel

Hena Ashraf

2019 | 16 min | English, Spanish

A brother and sister in Boyle Heights clash as they are evicted from their house and navigate the uncertainty of their father’s fate.

Safe Among Stars

Jess X. Snow

2019 | 10 min | English

A woman struggles to tell her immigrant mother and her partner the reason why she left school, teleporting into her own galaxy where no violence can touch her.