Family Matters


Shorts: Family Matters

Big or small, falling outs with members of our bloodline are inevitable. These films tap into the sensitive balancing act we play between fulfilling the expectations of those who are supposed to love us unconditionally and our very own desires. Defying gender, cultural, religious, and familial norms carries risks, but the strength and acceptance found on the other end make it a worthwhile journey.



The Pick Up
Directed by Giovanna Chesler | USA | 10 min

When her mom picks her up from swim practice and their trip gets derailed, Melanie must choose a new road.

Break Me (Knus meg)
Directed by Irasj Asanti | Norway | 14 min | Norwegian with English subtitles

Mansour’s love for Andreas is put to the test when his religious father decides to marry him off.

Bo & Mei
Directed by Camille Liu Nock | United Kingdom | 15 min | English, Mandarin with English subtitles

With the help of their sister, a young Chinese immigrant stands up against prejudice externally and within their home.

The Serenade (La serenata)
Directed by Adelina Anthony | USA | 12 min | English, Spanish with English subtitles

Two parents struggle with their beloved Mexican musical tradition when their son requests a love song for another boy.

Sununú: The Revolution of Love
Directed by Olivia Crellin | United Kingdom | 24 min | Spanish with English subtitles

A trans couple in Ecuador navigate parenthood while challenging complex ideas of gender roles.

Home Girl
Directed by Poonam Brah | United Kingdom | 12 min 

When Roya's mom dies suddenly, she must reconcile who she really is with who she believed her mother wanted her to be.

Directed by Maxwell Addae | USA | 18 min 

Following a traditional Ghanian ceremony, a young man must confront the hatred his infant nephew might be doomed to face.