Did You Really Say That?


Shorts: Did You Really Say That?

mi·cro·ag·gres·sion / noun: a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a marginalized group, often unintentional or unconsciously reinforcing of a stereotype. It’s time we make the invisible, visible and call out the pervasive biases that reveal themselves in thoughtless remarks. Come root for the protagonists in this skin-crawling collection as they confront their intangible — or in some cases, very tangible — provoker, one Did-you-really-say-that? moment at a time.


I Think She Likes You
Directed by Bridey Elliott | USA | 11 min

When Justine and Julia pick Jake up at a bar, it’s not quite the threesome he was expecting.

My Loneliness Is Killing Me
Directed by Tim Courtney | Scotland | 15 min | Chinese with English subtitles

When Elliott lures the animalistic Jack to his apartment for a late-night hookup, he unexpectedly unearths a dark emotional connection.

The Morning After
Directed by Tricia Hagoriles | Canada | 19 min | English, Spanish with English subtitles

Two women, in the middle of their own life crises, have an emotional one-night stand.

There's Still Good
Directed by Ciaran Maidwell | South Africa | 12 min | Spanish with English subtitles

A young black student and his white boyfriend's mother are forced to confront the stereotypes embedded in South African society.

Not Black Enough
Directed by Bryce Marrero | USA | 24 min

An African American filmmaker struggles to find investors for a film inspired by her grandmother's mysterious white-washed past.

Black Lips
Directed by Adrian Chiarella | Australia | 15 min | English, Mandarin with English subtitles

A lonely abalone trader is awakened by a longing he’s never explored before.