Desi Dreaming


Shorts: Desi Dreaming

How long can you hide your true self under dresses? Once you open a relationship, is there is a way to tie it back up? Lovers make best friends, but can best friends lovers make? This year’s spectacular South Asian showcase visits these familiar questions in its vibrant and deep-fried tones. One decriminalization may not have helped with social taboos just yet, but — as these complex characters charged with a full range of emotions will prove — it certainly has unshackled sumptuous stories.


Directed by Raghuvir Joshi | India, Australia | 17 min | English, Hindi with English subtitles

After trying to salvage the illusion of love for too long, two true soulmates wait for their turn at a divorce court.

Becoming Leela
Directed by AJ | Canada | 11 min

“How much longer are you going to hide under these dresses?” Oceans away from her homeland, Leela seeks the answer.

The Homestay
Directed by Priyanka Mattoo | USA | 12 min

Visiting California with her husband, loving but overbearing Meera discovers that her homestay is a bit more than what she bargained for.

Directed by Nardeep Khurmi | USA | 12 min

A sexually fluid couple maneuvers through a non-monogamous, committed relationship where agreements are pushed and boundaries are challenged.

Decoding Darkmatter
Directed by Crystal Waterton | USA | 22 min

LGBTQ activists and performers Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian discuss being trans and South Asian, and how it’s not about the “costume.”

Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari | India | 16 min

Sitting across from each other on their daily commute, two men wrestle the inches between them and a valley of social taboo.