Between The Sheets


Shorts: Between The Sheets

A new fling, a fading affair, or a no-strings-attached rendezvous with a stranger or two — no matter who climbs in next to you, the bedroom is truly where the magic happens. Agonizing and exhilarating, the rush of another’s touch can lead to wholly unexpected outcomes. Equal parts kinky and emotional, sensual and contemplative, this exhibition of profound closeness of the body and soul makes an impact. Free your inhibitions, unpack that bittersweet baggage, and let’s get it on.


Directed by Francesca Castelbuono | United Kingdom | 16 min

Two women wake up in the same bed, trying to come to terms with the way they feel about each other and themselves.

Sodom's Cat (索多瑪的貓) 
Directed by Huang Ting-Chun | Taiwan | 30 min | Chinese with English subtitles

An orgy is used as a window into gay life and love in Taiwan.

After You Left 
Directed by April Maxey | USA | 10 min

The memories come flooding back when Andrea's ex-girlfriend returns the last few items from their prior life together.

Between Walls (Entre Paredes) 
Directed by Ruth Caudeli | Colombia | 19 min | Spanish with English subtitles

When three people meet for a night of sex, it’s clear that each of them are there for very different reasons.

Other Loving 
Directed by Lise Angelica Johnson | USA | 7 min

A woman experiencing heartbreak rediscovers love in an unconventional way.

Directed by Jamie Di Spirito | United Kingdom | 18 min

A hookup between two young men - they make a connection, but it quickly becomes apparent they’re looking for different things